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Collaboration Services



ShareSync is the enterprise-class backup and file sharing service. This complete file management solution enables file and folder backup across user devices, along with sharing features for distributing and syncing files both internally and externally.

One of ShareSync’s primary strengths is its integration with existing tools for both end users and administrators.

For end users, ShareSync features multiple points of integration with the Mac and Windows desktop environment, mobile devices, Outlook and Microsoft Office for Windows.

For administrators, ShareSync integrates with Active Directory in ways that most other service providers cannot. This integration makes ShareSync particularly valuable for customers who also subscribe to our other Cloud services.

Benefits of ShareSync

✓ Back up your files in real time from your desktop
✓ Access files from virtually any device
✓ Easily restore lost data
✓ Keep files secure and available with our world-class data infrastructure
✓ Share backed up files with anyone
✓ Collaborate and share files directly from Microsoft® Office and Outlook®
✓ Replace sending large files with links
✓ Complete data protection with a restore solution for critical data loss scenarios

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint’s collaboration platform enables you to centrally share and update information over the web to manage documents, run blogs, create wikis and more. SharePoint is designed to increase productivity by creating document storehouses that increase collaboration within your business and with partners, vendors and your clients. When integrated with hosted Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint can also provide an instant powerful corporate intranet.

Benefits of SharePoint

✓ Enables a centralised online storage for all business documents
File Versioning to prevent duplications of documents
Intranet page to make internal communication easier using bulletins and company announcements
Create assigned task lists so key agenda items are not lost in emails
Built in Recycling Bin to retrieve files which are accidently deleted
Multiuser single file access to enable more than one user to amend a file simultaneously
Secure storage of files in a central cloud location
Expanded browser support – runs smoothly on IE11 as well as Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari
Pages, lists and other features available from any smart mobile device
Tailor the branding to suit your business image


Hosted Microsoft Skype For Business

Microsoft Skype For Business is a unified communications platform providing secure business messaging and conferencing capabilities. Users can set real-time presence information via their calendar meetings and through the software. Skype For Business is the next generation cloud-based instant messaging from Microsoft and integrates advanced web conference tools with a secure instant messaging facility. Users manage instant messaging, voice chat, video chat, meetings and shared whiteboard sessions right from their PCs.

Benefits of Microsoft Skype For Business

Reduces conversational email traffic
All conversations are logged to the inbox
Use of Instant Messaging ensures quicker response times and faster decision making from colleagues
Can create a chat with multiple users
Beneficial for organisations with a highly mobile workforce and home working policies
Compatible with Windows, Mac, Apple and Android mobile devices so you can have Skype For Business on the go when you are away from your desk
Promotes online collaboration and reduces costs associated with travel
Great management tool to identify where your staff are working as all specified work locations are saved using unique IP Addresses