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About us

Founded in 2008 by Kapil Mistry, KM IT Solutions was inspired by a passion to service aspiring businesses with cutting edge IT Support. We are a dynamic team and our aim is to provide all our clients with best in class technology solutions using cost efficiency as a driver.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a personalised service and provide hands on support for all tickets raised. It is important for us to offer business continuity, therefore it is common practice for the same member of the team to remain dedicated to a ticket from start to resolution, unless the ticket requires specialist intervention from another member of the team.

We work closely with trusted technology partners to provide services which sit outside of our realms of expertise and maintain all business relationships to ensure that you are provided with a first-class service. Our long-term contracts enable us to learn about your business so we can implement bespoke infrastructure solutions to support you through changing business requirements.

We are an independent business, proud to provide you with our honest advice to equip you to make informed decisions about your IT infrastructure. Continuous improvement to our practices is essential to ensure we maintain our high standards in changing market conditions, therefore our team is dedicated to investigating new technologies as they are introduced to market and are responsible for testing the products and systems we recommend to our clients.

Core Values

Our clients place trust in us because of the open and trustworthy relationship we develop with the employees within the client business’ and the respect gained from those we employ in the team at KM IT Solutions.

We pride ourselves on our reliable service to deliver outstanding response times within agreed SLA’s and address business critical issues in a timely manner.

Honesty is integral to our business and we work hard to support all our clients by providing honest advice and consultancy to better their business processes.

Adaptability is essential for our services and we appreciate that company cultures vary significantly across all businesses. Our aim is to integrate ourselves within the organisation to ensure we are accepted as part of the team to promote collaboration and shared learning to enable us to stay up-to-date with your business requirements.

Learning is an essential part of our business. Taking an active interest and learning about the business helps us to research software and applications appropriate for your key business functions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental sustainability is a key driver for our business and we believe that many of our IT Services facilitate reductions in the carbon footprint of our clients.

Migration to the cloud allows valuable office space to be used for other pressing business needs and introducing new technologies for collaboration reduces the time and costs associated with travel. All of our services are provided with the social welfare of the employees and an environmentally friendly working environment in mind.


If you are an IT enthusiast and are looking to join an expanding company and a team of thrill seekers who love to live life on the edge, we would love to hear from you at